There are much more “attractive” ingredients that also soften the skin. Take passion fruit, for example. Extracts from the passion fruit contain essential fatty acids that will make your skin feel like velvet. Doesn’t that sound nicer?It is really possible for anyone to have balanced as well as healthy skin. For this you need to be a bit careful regarding the kind of skin you possess and the progression of it over the time. Just because someone is making use of the particular products does not mean you have to do the same. The main reason behind this is that everyone has different kind of skin. You need to identify your skin type but remember that the best skin cure care will be the one that will promote healthy skin. Best ones will nourish, moisturize as well as exfoliate your skin. Also give a good skin tone for your skin.The sebaceous gland within the skin produces a natural material called sebum (oil). Sebum is what provides our skin and hair natural and necessary moisture. This is a good thing. However, too much oil is what you don’t want.If you smoke or drink heavily you need to stop or cut down. Smoking and drinking makes your skin dry and wrinkled. You will experience premature wrinkles, especially if you smoke a lot.